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Let us introduce ourselves:

Michael Eggers, Managing Partner

“As a trained business manager, I am focussing on the business development of Apollo Lingua as well as on ensuring full client satisfaction. I regularly contact our clients after the completion of their translation projects in order to make sure that they are satisfied with our services. My favorite clients are those who honestly say if there was something they disliked. Of course, we love good feedback, but only constructive criticism enables us to regularly assess our services and to further optimize them.

In addition to German, I speak French, Spanish, Italian, English and Portuguese, and I enjoy communicating with our clients in these languages. Throughout my career, I have been working with clients from different countries and cultures and I have been active in the translation industry for many years!"

Julia Glaremin, Managing Partner

“I have a law degree and am therefore an expert in handling legal documents. My main responsibility is to handle the translation projects of our clients and to assign the projects to an experienced translator team based on the respective area of expertise.

Foreign countries, languages and cultures have been an important part of most of my life. I am lucky to have had the chance to live for several years in Belgium, the U.S., Ireland and Canada - where I have been working in the translation industry for many years. It makes me very proud and happy that I can use this experience for my daily work."

Translator Team

Apollo Lingua is working with a team of several hundred translators. All of them are freelancers. Thus, we can comply perfectly with our clients' needs. While hiring a few all-round translators would be cheaper for our company, it would, however, have the consequence that the highly specialized documents of our clients would not be translated by translators specializing in the respective area.

In a nutshell

Multilingualism combined with many years of experience in the area of translations as well as with a client-focused business strategy... these are the critical success factors that define the Apollo Lingua Team. Thus, we can ensure that our clients will always receive excellent services!