To our clients:

In 1969, the crew of “Apollo 11” was the first one in history to land on the moon. From a general point of view, the goal of “Apollo Lingua” is slightly less ambitious, but to you and your organization, it might still be more important than the moon landing. We want to be your number one translation services provider and it is our goal to ensure that you are not just satisfied with our services but more than happy with them – especially with our overnight translations. This is what we, the proprietors Michael Eggers and Julia Glaremin stand for.

Julia Glaremin

Julia Glaremin


Available from 8.30 am – 9.00 pm CET

(02: 30 AM EST – 14:30 PM EST)

Reliable translator teams


Excellent services at a competitive rate

schnelles Angebot

Express delivery upon request

schnelles Angebot

Quote within one hour

(during office hours only)

"If you do not receive a quote within an hour,
3 pages of the next translation you order will be translated for free!"

Michael Eggers

Michael Eggers

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