Our team has many years of experience of living and working abroad, which has enabled us to define certain priorities for our translation services. Thus, it is not our main priority to offer translations for any possible language combination, since, especially in our field of work, it is important to know the translators we are working with and to understand their individual skills. However, this will only be possible, if trustful relationships have been established . Working with our translators on a regular basis and understanding how they work is very important to us. This is the only way for us to guarantee quality services.

In addition, for quality assurances purposes, all our translations are proofread by experts. And, before delivering a translation to the client, our project managers will cast a final eye over the document (6 eyes-principle).

Selection criteria:

Specialized knowledge

(preferably practical experience) in the areas of expertise of our translation projects

Familiarity of the specialized translators/industry specialists

with the respective specialized terminology

Native speakers

who not only fulfill the linguistic requirements of the target language but also take into account cultural particularities

A professional attitude

and 100% commitment

Confidential treatment

of the documents to be translated